Ohio Senate Marijuana Law Changes: A Snapshot

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AP reports that on December 5, 2023, in Ohio, Ohio is about to start a new part of its marijuana history as Senate Republicans want to make big changes to Issue 2, the state’s newly passed recreational marijuana law. Buckle up, because we’re about to go over some surprising turns that could change the way weed is regulated in the state.

Ohio Senate Marijuana Law Changes: The Surprising Change

Ohio Senate Marijuana Law Changes: A Snapshot

As a sudden turn of events, Ohio Senate Republicans are releasing a set of changes to the bill that would legalize marijuana just days before it goes into effect. Issue 2 was approved by voters on November 7, but the Senate is now using its legislative power to make big changes.

Ohio Senate Marijuana Law Changes: Don’t Use Your Green Thumb

The ban on growing weed at home is one of the most important changes. Senate Republicans want to get rid of the part of the bill that lets Ohioans grow up to six plants at home and up to 12 plants per family. This is different from what voters originally agreed to. The green revolution might only be able to happen among approved growers.

Ohio Senate Marijuana Law Changes: Taxes on cannabis are going up!

Get your money ready! The suggested changes call for raising the tax rate on marijuana products from the 10% that voters approved to 15%. Even growers won’t get a break; they will still have to pay the same high tax rate after these changes.

The New Place Where Tax Dollars Go

Keep your buds close! The place where pot tax money goes is also getting a makeover. The money will not go to helping local governments host dispensaries or a social equity program. Instead, it will go to general state funds, training for police, treatment for drug abuse, and training for safe driving.

Ohio Senate Marijuana Law Changes: Levels of THC: Normal

The changes that are being considered don’t end with taxes. The amount of THC that marijuana plants could legally have would go down from 90% to 50%. The amount of THC in the products would also go down from 35% to 25%. There are signs that the high point in Ohio might be going down a bit.

Keeping the kids safe

Concerns about teens getting marijuana are being taken into account in the planned changes. Products can no longer look like animals, fruits, or cartoon figures, and they have to come in child-safe packaging. Also, dispensaries must stay at least 500 feet away from public parks, schools, churches, libraries, and other public places.

What’s Up in Smoke: Rules for Public Use

Soon, people might not be able to smoke or vape weed in public places. Products that don’t involve smoking, like candies, could be used in public (unless private businesses say otherwise), but smoking or vaping would have to be done in private. But landlords still have the power to tell renters they can’t smoke.

Rules for the workplace

These changes are based on what employers want. It’s not against the law for them to make their own rules about cannabis use, test their workers for it, and fire people who use it.

The Way Ahead

These suggested changes need to be approved by Governor Mike DeWine, the Senate, and the House before they can become law. The trip is complicated, and the end result is still unknown.

Ohio Senate Marijuana Law Changes: Not One Response

Issue 2 supporters are unhappy because they say that Senate Republicans are not following what voters wanted. On the other hand, Issue 2 opponents say that these changes will make the law better for Ohioans.

As Ohio gets ready for these possible changes to its marijuana laws, the future of growing pot, tax rates, and where the money comes from are all up in the air. Stay tuned as the state figures out how to handle this changing weed situation.

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