Look at Singapore Through the Eyes of @gracietravels

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Traveler @gracietravels, who has been to 33 countries, recently talked about Look at Singapore isn’t one of her favorite places to visit. Come with us as we try to figure out what she means by her criticism and how different people have responded to it.

Look at Singapore: A not-so-warm welcome from the locals

Look at Singapore Through the Eyes of @gracietravels

@gracietravels starts her review of Singapore by talking about the rude people she met there. She told a taxi driver straight out that some Singaporeans were rude, and she didn’t hold back when she talked about what happened at the airport where she came. It didn’t look good at first because no one smiled and you had to carry your own things.

Look at Singapore: “Doesn’t Feel Like Asia”: Feelings That Are More Like the West

Grace has found something interesting: she thinks Singapore has turned more like the West. She said she didn’t feel like she was really in Asia, and she wondered if the big number of tourists and expats made her feel this way. It is important to remember that her stay at the well-known Marina Bay Sands made people question the cultural validity of the city.

Some people think that everything costs too much.

Grace makes it a point to show how expensive everything is in Singapore in her movie. She thought the city-state was a bit pricey for both high-end hotels and going out. Even well-known places like Marina Bay Sands caught her attention. She didn’t understand the fuss over their fancy services and high prices.

Look at Singapore: Wanting Something: A City That Doesn’t Have Any Natural Charm

One of the most powerful things Grace says about Singapore is that it doesn’t have enough natural substance. When she says that the city is the “Las Vegas of Asia,” she makes people question its realness by saying that it all seems fake and made up for fun. While she is criticizing Gardens by the Bay, she does say that it is beautiful. This adds to her point of view.

Finally, a personal view of the Lion City

@gracietravels may not have had a strong connection to Singapore, but her words help us see this busy city-state in a new way. Remember that each traveler’s experience is different and based on what they want and what they expect. Grace’s request for feedback means that people in the area are welcome to share their ideas. People might talk about this, which could help bridge the gap between what tourists think the place is like and how it really is. In the trip story, Singapore stays a place where different people can see it in different ways. Each visitor adds to the story.

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