Amsterdam psychedelic scene: A Chill Guide to Dutch Highs

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Amsterdam psychedelic scene is like a hidden club that people are only now starting to learn about. People in the Netherlands have been into psychedelics for a long time, especially when it comes to psilocybin mushrooms. We’ll talk about everything you need to know about Dutch-style psychedelics in this helpful guide.

What’s Cool and What’s Not in the Law

Amsterdam psychedelic scene: A Chill Guide to Dutch Highs

There are some cool things and some fuzzy things in Amsterdam. Hash and weed? Legal as heck. They’re in “coffee shops” everywhere. But it’s not so easy with mushrooms. You shouldn’t eat psychedelic mushrooms, but you can eat truffles or philosopher’s stones, which are related to mushrooms but grow underground. What about the other cool stuff, like LSD, DMT, and MDMA? There are fewer laws, but they are still less strict than most places.

Find Out Where to Get Psychedelic Truffles

Are you ready to get your hands on some weird stuff? Visit the “smart shops” in Amsterdam. For trippy fans, the Magic Mushroom Gallery is a must-see. It’s been around for almost 30 years. They will tell you everything you need to know about truffles and even give you safety and fun tips.

Getting ready for a psychedelic trip

Because Amsterdam is such a chill place, it’s a great place to go on a trippy trip. You can go almost anywhere, but watch out for the fast bikes. Go to Stone’s CafĂ© Bar and Nightclub for a wild night. Vondelpark is a huge green area close to important buildings that you should check out if you want to be outside. A bright art museum called Electric Ladyland is there for you if you want to see a lot of art on your trip.

Riding the Waves: Effects in the Short and Long Term

Know what you’re getting into before you go on a mental trip. Some short-term side effects could be warping of time and space, mood swings, dreams, and feeling a little sick. Long-term side effects are less common, but they can include memory problems, psychosis, and flashbacks. What is the key? Moderation and being aware of what’s going on around you.

How to Rest Your Psychedelic Head When You’re Tired

Being high on drugs all day means you need a cool place to crash at the end of the day. You can’t go wrong with the W Amsterdam—it’s in a good spot, has cool decor, and has a spa in a former bank vault. After a crazy day, it’s the best place to relax.

New: Amsterdam is Keeping It Cool

People who live in Amsterdam are sick of loud tourists and want a more varied culture experience. Enjoy your trip to Amsterdam for psychedelics, but don’t make a big deal out of it. People who live there want to keep the city as more than just a party spot.

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