Windy City Road Warrior Presentations–Bringing the Highways of History to YOU!

If you are looking for interesting presentations for your museum, library, social group, or any other type of organization, please consider tapping into the informational and visual resources available from Windy City Road! Our current PowerPoint Presentations include the following (click on the appropriate link for more information):

Route 66 Programs:

  • Historic Route 66: A Journey Through History
  • Route 66 on a Tank of Gas: The Mother Road in Illinois
  • Al Capone and the Route 66 Connection
  • Motoring West the Wright Way: Frank Lloyd Wright & Route 66
  • The Commerce of Route 66
  • Ghosts of Route 66
  • Chicago History and Architecture:

  • Games Not Played: Chicago’s Olympic Bids 1904 & 2016
  • Terminal City: Chicago’s Passenger Stations in the Golden Era of Rail
  • Traveling to the Chicago Fairs: 1893 & 1933
  • Chicago’s Highways Old and New: From Indian Trail to Motor Road
  • Greetings From Chicago: Architectural Vistas through a Visitor’s Eyes
  • No Little Plans: The Roads of Daniel Burnham’s Plan of Chicago
  • Christmas in Chicago
  • Illinois History:

  • The Illinois Rogue’s Gallery: Our Infamous Politicians
  • The Lincoln Highway across Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa
  • The Illinois & Michigan Canal–Past and Present
  • The Roads that Lead to Lincoln: Honest Abe on the Historic Highways of Illinois
  • Various Subjects:

  • World War I: Homefront and Consequences
  • Centennial 1911-1920: Past Events that Shaped the Present
  • Good Food Fast: The 20th Century Dining Revolution
  • Bringing Family History to Life: The Stories We Could Tell
  • Customized Presentations adapted or created upon request

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    Standard Presentation Details

  • Our PowerPoint presentations last 45-60 minutes and involve as much audience interaction as practical. We encourage and prefer time to be set aside at the end of the presentation for Q & A and discussion. We provide the PowerPoint files and can use our own laptop computer. We can supply other audio/video equipment (LCD projector, screen, audio, microphone) if unavailable at the venue.
  • All of our presentation offerings include archival postcard views and photographs as well as current views. Musical segments are included with video slideshow accompaniment. We strive to entertain as well as enlighten, and to give the patrons an in-depth experience with information they can use for their own explorations.
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    Customized Presentations

    Custom Presentation-North LawndaleWith sufficient lead-time, we can customize our presentation to the specifications of the customer. Our resources include information that can be used to create programs for any specific segment of highway and transportation history relating to Chicago, or to Illinois, or to the corridors of transportation and commerce for which the city and state serve as hubs. We stand ready to meet any challenge within the scope of our archival resources.

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